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Seven Things – Tagged by MissYeh

March 29th, 2009

I  have been tagged by Seven Things in MissYeh’s blog, so I guess this is the place where I admit to the World that I am a complete weirdo ?! :-/ Anyway, here are 7 facts about me ….

1.  I cannot do that purrring cat sound with my tongue rolled; everyone around me seems to be able to do that just to annoy me. I cannot do that sticking two fingers in mouth to whistle either. :( But as a party trick I can stack a pile of coins on an elbow and then catch them with my hand.  :)

2.  I can lay bricks and I am quite proud of that.  One year, I had to rebuild an old perimeter wall around my garden so I went on the Internet and did some research. It took 3,500 bricks and six months to complete.  The wall is still standing and it has been called a work of art. :)

3. I collect stainless steel cutlery, mostly what I found in car boots and jumble sales.   The period I am interested is between the 50′s and the 70′s.  Actually, I like the designs in general from this period; they are so funky and fresh compare to what we have today.

4. I like girls as well as guys but I think I prefer guys.  At the end of the day, if there is someone who I truly love; the gender seems irrelevant.

5. I own 26 pairs of shoes and 37 pairs of jeans …. is that normal ?

6. Liquice sweets gives me an instant headache. This is probably due to the first time I got really drunk was on Pernod and Black, I was young and didn’t know better.

7. I do not own a television set. Yeah, I saved the best one till last. People always look at me as if I have some kind of religious disorder when I say that. Well, maybe it is partly because I am afraid of my brain being taken over by aliens; I find the Internet more interesting and entertaining. Besides I don’t have the time to watch TV.

I am too nice and timid to tag other people but if you are feeling wild and restless and would like to be tagged, let me know. :)

  1. April 2nd, 2009 at 13:34 | #1

    “5. I own 26 pairs of shoes and 37 pairs of jeans …. is that normal ?”

    -_- o_- O_- O_o O_O

    I am totally in shock right now..

    As for the TV. I don’t miss the TV right now :) as long as there is internet, it is doable.

    Nice list of your 7 things :)