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Seven Things – Tagged by MissYeh

March 29th, 2009

I  have been tagged by Seven Things in MissYeh’s blog, so I guess this is the place where I admit to the World that I am a complete weirdo ?! :-/ Anyway, here are 7 facts about me ….

1.  I cannot do that purrring cat sound with my tongue rolled; everyone around me seems to be able to do that just to annoy me. I cannot do that sticking two fingers in mouth to whistle either. :( But as a party trick I can stack a pile of coins on an elbow and then catch them with my hand.  :)

2.  I can lay bricks and I am quite proud of that.  One year, I had to rebuild an old perimeter wall around my garden so I went on the Internet and did some research. It took 3,500 bricks and six months to complete.  The wall is still standing and it has been called a work of art. :)

3. I collect stainless steel cutlery, mostly what I found in car boots and jumble sales.   The period I am interested is between the 50′s and the 70′s.  Actually, I like the designs in general from this period; they are so funky and fresh compare to what we have today.

4. I like girls as well as guys but I think I prefer guys.  At the end of the day, if there is someone who I truly love; the gender seems irrelevant.

5. I own 26 pairs of shoes and 37 pairs of jeans …. is that normal ?

6. Liquice sweets gives me an instant headache. This is probably due to the first time I got really drunk was on Pernod and Black, I was young and didn’t know better.

7. I do not own a television set. Yeah, I saved the best one till last. People always look at me as if I have some kind of religious disorder when I say that. Well, maybe it is partly because I am afraid of my brain being taken over by aliens; I find the Internet more interesting and entertaining. Besides I don’t have the time to watch TV.

I am too nice and timid to tag other people but if you are feeling wild and restless and would like to be tagged, let me know. :)

Hello world!

March 28th, 2009
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Got a blog started finally … with great help and lots and lots and lots of encouragement from a fellow geek girl and my dearest friend, MissYeh. I was also encouraged by responses from my twitter updates. I thought I would try putting my ideas and thoughts on paper here.  Perhaps this will help me to organise my life a bit better and it is nice to have some kind of goal and directions.

I imagine only a few can share deepest personal feelings with others. By doing so makes us feel open and vulnerable but on the otherhand life is so enriching when connected with others in similar interests and outlook in life.  A risk I consider worth taking.

PS.  Oh yes, WordPress chose the title Hello world! for my first post …. I can still remember writing my first C program to print Hello world!  Sweet memories indeed.